Dilweg Consulting 20 years of insurance experience, including 12 plus years of experience as an insurance executive. As in Insurance Commissioner for Wisconsin I oversaw the regulation of all insurance in the state including health, life, property casualty, personal, commercial, mortgage, and bond insurers through one of the worst financial crises in U.S. history.

Extensive receivership experience

Extensive receivership experience; placing the second largest financial guarantee insurer into partial receivership.

Extensive med-malpractice experience

Extensive med-malpractice experience overseeing the state’s med-malpractice reinsurance fund for 4 years.

Extensive experience valuing insurance

Extensive experience valuing insurance company finances, and securities through the NAIC’s Financial Condition Committee and the Securities Valuation Office, which is involved in valuing insurance company finances, and securities.

Health insurance experience

Health insurance experience: as Insurance Commissioner we worked with the federal government to create the Affordable Care Act. For 6 years I Served on the Board of Directors, the Finance Committee; Audit Committee; and Executive Committee for Meriter Health Systems, and Physicians Plus.

Finance and Banking

Dilweg is an accomplished, highly strategic officer with extensive track record of achievements in overseeing and directing the development of programs, products and teams for the financial investment and securities industry. Dilweg has over 20 years of experience dealing with state and federal regulators on insurance and financial products. Testified before Congress multiple times. Appeared on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Dilweg has C-suite and board experience overseeing companies and institutions, finance, and audit committees, both inside and outside of government.

Dilweg has relationships with federal financial regulators, the Federal Reserve, direct relationships with Congress and state regulators throughout the US.

SEC and Credit Rating Agency

Credit rating agency experience – as an independent director for KBRA we would review and approve all rating methodologies used by the agency to rate a variety of financial instruments and public government entities. Met extensively with SEC on the oversight of NRSROs

Expert Witness

Extensive experience giving depositions and trial testimony. Dilweg is also a memeber of of The Round Table Group.