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Our Story

As Insurance Commissioner for Wisconsin Dilweg oversaw the regulation of all insurance in the state including health, life, property casualty, personal, commercial, mortgage, and bond insurers through one of the worst financial crises in U.S. history.

Insurance Experience

20+ years of experience

Insurance Executive

12+ years of experience

Sean Dilweg

Founder & CEO of Dilweg Consulting

What We Do

Finance and Banking

As a housing finance expert provide federal regulatory insights and fair lending reviews.


20 years of insurance experience: regulatory guidance for health, life, property casualty, personal, med-mal, mortgage insurance; valuation of insurance capital and receivership guidance.

Expert Witness

Extensive experience giving depositions and trial testimony.

SEC and Credit Rating Agency

Provide insight into credit rating agency methodologies and SEC regulation.

Key Areas of Expertise
We excel at framing and presenting compelling messages that will resonate with targeted state or federal audiences. We produce results
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